In Solidarity:Deep Sea Settlement;Nairobi

THE DEEP SEA settlement, a Nairobi ‘slum’, is home to around 7,000 people who live under threat of forced eviction as private companies attempt to take the land for development.In 2005 contractors, with police support,evicted hundreds of people in the middle of the night and demolished their houses.

Many are still homeless.

A ruling by the Kenyan high court that the evictions were illegal failed to halt the  demolitions. But since last year’s Greetings Card Campaign residents report that no further eviction threats have taken place.

They feel it is important to continue sending cards until official guarantees of legal protection against forced evictions can be put in place. The residents are calling for a government programme of ‘comprehensive upgrading’, which would provide affordable and decent housing on existing sites. The government is currently piloting such a programme in Kibera, Kenya’s largest ‘slum’.

Please send a religious or non-religious card to:

Consolata Shrine
PO Box 14930-00800

Language – Swahili or English
Salutation – Dear residents of the Deep Sea settlement
Suggested message – ‘We stand by you in your difficulties and we wish you strength.’

Kindly only include your name and town.

Please don’t make political comments in your message.

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