In Solidarity:Iranian Prisoner;Ronak Safarzadeh

In April 2009 Ronak Safarzadeh was sentenced to five years in prison for membership of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK – an armed Kurdish opposition group) and to one year for ‘propaganda against the state’.

According to her lawyer, Ronak’s activities were limited to work with an NGO affiliated to the Campaign for Equality, an initiative committed to ending legal discrimination against Iranian women.

The authorities have impeded the work of the Campaign and arrested dozens of women’s rights defenders. Ronak’s lawyer says that the evidence presented in court did not substantiate claims that Ronak has ever used or advocated violence. Her involvement with the PJAK was reportedly limited to researching women’s participation in the party.

Please send a non-religious card to:

Safarzadeh (for Ronak Safarzadeh)
7 Alley/Nimayushij Street
1/17 Faz.Baharan
Kordestan Province
Post Code: 66177/48/898
Islamic Republic of Iran

Language – Persian or English
Salutation – Dear Ronak
Suggested message – ‘I am thinking of you’.
Translated message: –

Please don’t send religious cards to Safarzadeh.

Please don’t make political comments in your message.

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