In Solidarity:Indonesia;Prisoner Of Conscience Johan Teterissa

JOHAN TETERISSA, a primary school teacher, is currently serving a 15-year sentence for leading a peaceful protest.He was arrested with 21 activists in June 2007 during a government-organised event in Ambon, the capital of Maluku province,attended by the President of Indonesia.

During the event, the protestors performed a traditional war dance and unfurled the Benang Raja flag, which is perceived by government authorities to be a symbol of the Republic of South Maluku independence movement.

The demonstrators were taken away by the police and tortured, beaten
and imprisoned. Some were made to sign statements saying they did not need lawyers.

All the activists as well as nine others who organised or took part in the event are now serving prison sentences. Johan Teterissa, who led the protest, was given a life sentence, reduced to 15 years on appeal. He
is not scheduled for release until 2023.

Please send a non-religious card to:

Johan Teterissa
Lapas Klas 1 Malang (Lowokwaru), Jl. Asahan No. 7 Malang
Jawa Timur

Language – Bahasa Indonesian or English
Salutation – Dear Johan
Suggested message – ‘I know that you have been imprisoned for peaceful activities and I am campaigning for you to be released.’
Translated message – ‘Saya mengerti bahwa anda ditahan atas aktivitas yang damai oleh karenanya saya sedang mengkampanyekan agar anda dibebaskan.’
Please don’t make political comments in your message.

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